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One-stop, innovative mentorship platform for deserving talents across the globe.

Formerly popular as Avantgarde-Initiatives or AgI


Edify's programmes are innovative and carefullly crafted to empower talents from different walks of lives. The Edify Project, is for anyone who needs mentorship to further their acumen.


Edify's events are based on our innovative progarmmes, custom made for a particular audience or individual

Viveka, Co-Founder

Viveka is a medtech innovator and technopreneur based in Singapore.


Viveka believes in empowerment through education and is a staunch believer of mentorship. Having had great mentors in her life, she believes in giving back through being a mentor herself. She is a mentor to various startups, venture creation programmes and aspiring talents.

On a lighter side, Viveka is a globe-trotter, fitness freak, political enthusiast and voracious reader.


One can easily connect with Viveka over a cup of coffee/tea/food or even easier, over a smile.

Few of the many ways in which you can know more and connect with Viveka,

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Adhvaidha, Co-Founder

Adhvaidha is a brand strategisor and artist based in Singapore.


She is a critical thinker, who creates thoughtful and socially relevant compositions of hand drawings. She is interested in documenting her own experiences as a woman and other social issues. Her style of sketches (freestyle, comical and caricaturized) explores various medium and tries to address social debates.


One can connect with Adhvaidha via,

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Our wonderful stakeholders, collaborators, mentees, other beneficiaries always have good words about us


Ready to get edified?


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Formerly popular as Avantgarde-Initiatives or AgI

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