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Since the advent of wheels, there is no looking back for mankind, as in the course of evolution, innovations have always drove us towards progress. 
In these testing times of unprecedented pandemic, the hope for us to step into the new normal world relies  hugely on innovations. This interactive webinar series, 'Innovation in the times of crisis', brings to you expert insights on different facets of innovation.

In the first discussion of the series, Viveka chats with Prof. Sai Baba and Dr. Agata, as they share their knowledge on the importance of innovators to engage with key decision makers and general public alike, as they implement and communicate science and technology.

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Key Take Aways for Innovators:

Innovators have to,

  1. Engage decision makers in very stage of innovation 

  2. Engage public by creating awareness of the problem/need and how the innovation can help address the same


On June 21 2020, Prof. Sai Baba chats with Dr. Marlena and Dr. Viveka, as they share journey towards becoming women technopreneurs 

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Key Take Aways for Innovators:

Entrepreneurs have to,

  1. Have a passion to productize their technology and create value 

  2. Constantly look for networking and  the right launchpad is needed.


On June 28 2020, Prof. Sai Baba chats with Mr. Shivam and Mr. Hemanand, as they share insights into building a career path using data science and effective use of data in the new normal world

June 28.jpg
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Key Take Aways for Innovators:

Data Scientists have to,

  1. Data can be incorporated into any field in an intelligent and diligent manner

  2. If you want to start a career, start with a simple Python and you are already a step forward


On Jul 5 2020, Prof. Sai Baba chats with Dr. Bilge and Dr. Neha, as they share insights on the innovations in and future in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Jul 5.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-05 at 3.45.17 PM.

Key Take Aways for Innovators:

Biotechnologist have to,

  1. Have to be open to both basic and applied research

  2. The future of Biotechnology is never exhaustive as there is always a need for clinical research.


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