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Mikael Stenberg

Representative, Naturskolan AskövikenSweden

Expert in Nature, Human and Physical Geography

Mike’s interest in nature and wildlife since his childhood has followed him through his life. During the 90s, when he was a student of International Development, a study trip then, took him to Palani Hills Conservation Council and CIRHEP, NGOs based in Tamil Nadu, India to get involved in their environmental work. Following this he started a supporting friends group in Sweden to exchange programs with them.


Mike is experienced in tropical rainforest issue and has worked with some rainforest projects in Ecuador, but has direct experience in the field from different areas in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In Sweden he has carried out many biological surveys of birds and mammals.


He is currently working at Naturskolan Asköviken, which receives children, students and also adult groups with the aim of teaching about nature out in the field. To Mike, this is a very interesting and rewarding work. He believes that this also important for better understanding of nature and ecosystems.


With his interest and expertise in Human and Physical Geography, Mike transcends borders to nurture goodwill among humanity and nature alike.

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