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Senthilkumar Subburaman

Associate Professor and Head, St. Joseph College, India

Expert in Ethnobotany and Plant molecular systemics

Prof. Senthil is the Former Dean of School of Biological  Sciences, St. Joseph’s  College. He was awarded a fellowship by Gov. of India to carry out Orchid conservation of Eastern Ghats. He has been recognized by international organizations like Oxford Microscopical Society, UK, International Mycological Society, Norway and Asian Microscopical Society, South Korea for his unique contributions in the field of Microscopical techniques. He has authored a book and more than 125 research articles on Molecular Systematics.


He is a  member of various academic bodies in the international level and has traveled extensively to places like Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Jordan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Norway, Australia, Uzbekistan,  UK, Thailand and USA on academic assignments.


Prof. Senthil is always willing to mentor the next generation with life-skills and help them get exposed to every available launchpad.

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