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Uplift Mentorship Programme

Resonating with each other's ethos, Edify's (former Avantgarde Initiatives) and NUS MBA Diversity & Inclusion Club present the Uplift Mentorhsip programme to empower talents who have the true-spirit to empower others

Flexible 3 months long programme where the mentees get to,

  • Build resume -LinkedIn building

  • Pitching skills

  • Develop Personality 

  • Improve communication skills

  • Come out of comfort zone

  • Access global network

  • Guided for career prospects

Flexible 3 months long programme where the mentors get to,

  • Impact lives

  • Nurture skills

  • Develop mentoring capabilities

  • Improve profile

  • Access global network

  • Be a changemaker



Hear from our mentees

When I joined this mentorship program I was confused about my future plans. I was struggling with my decisions about my career and my Mentor Mr.Divaynshu helped me clear that pandemonium. I was able to decide exactly which way I want to walk through to meet my career goals and accordingly throughout this program he guided me to build up my profile in that manner. Today I stand more confident about my goals and about myself. Thank you Avantgrade-Initiatives for this wonderful initiative. I am taking back a lot of positivity from this program and now am much more confident about my profile. Keep going AgI.



I’d like to express my gratitude to Avantgrade Initiatives, Viveka and Marcel for this wonderful learning opportunity and a big thank you to my mentor Tan Zhong Xiao. Thanks to your help, I have been able to get a better understanding of job profile refinement, Linkedin, Elevator pitches and CV optimisation. Apart from these I have also learnt a lot on time management and how to maximise my work efficiency. Amongst all the learning exposures probably the favourite moment has been the mock interview. It not just only bolstered my confidence for future interviews but also provided an insight of the interviewer’s mind. Jim has been extremely approachable and has always promptly responded to my queries, he has not only mentored but also connected me to other people working in my field of interest at NUS. I remember during our first interaction Jim had mentioned me that one of the essential traits of a person is to be able to indulge in an engaging “Coffee Table” conversation with anyone and that’s something has been a pivotal aspect in all of my subsequent conversations with professors and interviewers. One area where I truly appreciate Jim is the way he mentored without dictating rigid norms to the ‘perfect’ answer. He encourages his mentees to truly be themselves and refine it to hit the bullseye. Although the Uplift program is at it’s senescence but the relations built here along with the knowledge is what I am taking with me and I shall do my best to share the knowledge further with as many people as possible to continue to ‘Uplift’ !! Thank you so much !


Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 5.00.00 PM.png

It’s been a great journey of past few months of gathering and gaining knowledge from my mentor, Tanvi. All the way through, she was so friendly and made herself available at any time to help and educate my works and provided a lot knowledge to improve myself. It warms my heart to know that what we have done over the past days has gone throughout the best part of my gaining career. Firstly, we had a zoom chat on introducing ourselves and it went forward with editing my CV. She helped me really well in enhancing the LinkedIn profile along with self-introduction speech practice. Tanvi’s help and suggestions, personally fascinated my social and educational skills to improve. I am really glad and happy that I decided to take over this mentorship program. It was a privilege to be a part of such an astounding program, filled with such amazing members. Looking forward to many new programs. And lastly, I would like to thank Viveka, Marcel and Tanvi, it was a great opportunity and experience being connected with you people along with fellow members. Thank you.


On the upfront, I would like to thank all the members of Avantgarde-Initiatives (AgI) and NUS Business School, especially Viveka and Marcel, for providing us such a wonderful mentorship program. AgI works with such determination and great sincerity in the service of educational programs, like those which were available for us. I believe the initiative does an amazing job.

Firstly, we started this program with normal conversation about our personal interests which helps us to get comfortable with each other and it didn’t cost us much time to get along though. She has been very kind person and giving out her insights with her maximum expertise and it helped me to look forward with my career. Commenced with CV and then SOP, she helped me really well and I’m really happy with the way it came out and personally it facilitated me enhancing my skills to draft those things. Also, she aided me with the drafting a professional mail which I’m using to reach out professors for my PhD. Then comes the LinkedIn profile, it came out really well in a way which I haven’t anticipated. All these things and her upfront opinions really helped me shaping myself as a better version of me. I hope lot of students are going to get the wonderful experience and knowledge which I have reaped over in past few months and I’m really happy about it. This is the absolute victory for Avantgarde and I’d be honoured to recommend this program and my mentor to my friends and colleagues and in a way, we can improve both the mentor-mentee community. Even though this program ended I trust we will have a good relationship with mentor and with other mentees.

Finally, I want to thank Viveka, Marcel, Abhi and every other fellow people once again. It gave me a great pleasure connecting with you all. And once I’m competent in the future, I’d like to be a part of Avantgarde to help out people and community with best way I can.


Uplift - Pic with Mentor (Krish).png

To begin with, I would like to thank everyone who made this wonderful opportunity avail for us from Avantgarde and NUS, especially Viveka and Marcel. It’s been a wonderful journey from the beginning and I’ve garnered lot of knowledge and insights from my mentor and a special thanks to Abhi mam. Moreover, we were really a good friends first and then she mentored me in the best way possible. All the way through, she has given me the most of the time and guidance amidst her busy work schedule. I have the best opportunity to reach out to her whenever I needed her help and she responded to my queries and lend her hand as fast as she can.

My mentor Raza, though he is in Paris, would respond to my queries.  He is a very kind, understanding and caring person and I would like to continue my talks as we are now good friends.

I would like to  thank Viveka and Marcel for selecting me so I can learn many things from your initiatives and congratulate my fellows for the successful completion of the programme.  I really like the values of AgI: Explore, Educate and Empower.  Also I would like to connect with AgI in future.


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